Data updated: September 13, 2017

GraFa is a faceted browser for Wikidata triples made by José Ignacio Moreno and Aidan Hogan.

Important: GraFa is currently in development. Certain features or options can change in the future. Data updates won't be very frequent. Next update from dataset expected around mid March.

Contact info

José Ignacio Moreno

Aidan Hogan

GitHub Repository

GitHub Issue Tracker


Data is incorrect or incomplete, what can I do?

GraFa uses all Wikidata triples, so you need to correct the data from Wikidata. Changes will be visible in the next update. The date of the last update will be displayed in this page.

What are those numbers with a P or Q at the beginning?

Those are identifiers for a resource. If you see them, it is because that resource does not have a label in the selected language. You can add a label directly in Wikidata, the change will be visible in the next update.

Will GraFa be available in more languages?

Yes. GraFa will use the labels from Wikidata for the specified language. Although, we will need help to translate the GraFa interface, if you want to help translate GraFa, contact us.

I found a problem using GraFa

Please let us known, you can post on the GitHub Issue Tracker