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Viktor Hambardzumyan Hambardzumyan Viktor

Soviet astrophysicist

Konstantin Khudaverdyan

Armenian historian

Jimmy Wales Jimbo Wales, Jimmy Donal Wales, Jimbo, Wales, Jimmy, Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales

Wikipedia co-founder and American Internet entrepreneur

Ward Cunningham Howard Cunningham, Howard G. Cunningham

American computer programmer who developed the first wiki

Nelson Mandela Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Mandela, Madiba, Prisoner 46664

President of South Africa, anti-apartheid activist

Magnus Manske Heinrich Magnus Manske, M. Manske, M Manske

German biochemist and MediaWiki developer

Sam Reed Reedy, Reedy Boy


Brion Vibber

American software developer

Lee Daniel Crocker

American software programmer

Daniel Alston

One of founders of Wiktionary and Wikiquote

Hans Christian Gram Hans Christian Joachim Gram

Danish scientist

Karl Wick

One of founders of Wikibooks

Émile Littré Maximilien-Paul-Émile Littré, Maximilien Paul Emile Littre, Maximilien Paul Emile Littré, Littre, Maximilien Paul Emile, Maximilien Paul Émile Littré, Emile Littre, Emile Littré, Paul-Maximilien-Emile Littré, Littré, Paul-Maximilien-Emile, Paul-Emile Littre, Paul-Maximilien-Emile Littre, Littre, Paul-Maximilien-Emile, Maximilien-Paul-Emile Littre, Émile Maximilien Paul Littré, Emile Maximilien Paul Littre

French lexicographer and philosopher

Otto Schmidt

Russian mathematician

Inder Verma Inder Mohan Verma

American–Indian academic; PNAS editor-in-chief

James Heilman James M. Heilman, Doc James, James M Heilman

emergency physician and advocate for the improvement of Wikipedia's health-related content

Dariusz Jemielniak

associate professor of management

Katherine Maher

Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation (WMF)

Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Windsor, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Elizabeth the second, ER II, E.R. II, Elizabeth Windsor-Mountbatten, Queen of Great Britain Elisabetta, Queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II, Queen of England

queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations

Su Shi Su Dongpo, Zizhan, Su Shih, Dongpo jushi, Su shi, zi Zizhan, hao Dongpo jushi, Su Tung-p'o

Chinese writer of the Song Dynasty

Ilya Yefron Ilya Efron, Ilya Abramovich Yefron, Ilya Abramovich Efron, Ilya Abramovič Yefron, Ilya Abramovič Efron

Russian typographer and publisher

Niels Hansen

Danish clergyman and author

Daniel R. Loweree

Mexican priest

Peter Henry Francis Martin Geudens

Belgian Premonstratenian priest

Hans Lien Braekstad H. L. B., H. L. BRÆKSTAD

Anglo-Norwegian journalist, translator, and lecturer

Teodoro Rodríguez y Fernández

Spanish member of the Augustininan Order, professor and writer

Niccolò Dal-Gal Girolamo Niccolò Dal-Gal

Italian Franciscan historian

Henry Joseph Causse

French member of the Capucin order

Maximilian Joseph Jacobi

German writer

João Paulinho D'Azevedo e Castro

contributor to the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia

John Vogel

German priest

Douglas Foxvog


Laurel Haak Laure Haak, Laurel L. Haak, L Haak, Laurela L Hāka

American neuroscientist

Ivan Sytin

Russian businessman

Larry Sanger Lawrence Mark Sanger, Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger

former professor, co-founder of Wikipedia, founder of Citizendium and other projects

Peter the Great Peter I, Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov, Pissed off Peter, Petr I Alekseevich, le Grand Pierre, Emperor of Russia Petr I Alekseevich, Pyotr Alekseyevich, Emperor of Russia Peter I, Petr Alekseevich Romanov, Emperor of Russia Peeter I, Piotr Wielki, Emperor of Russia Pierre I, Petru cel Mare, empereur de Russie Pierre I, Zar Peter I. Russland, Pyotr Velikiy, Pietro il Grande, Petro Büyük, Emperador de Rusia Pedro I

Tsar and 1st Emperor, founder of the Russian Empire

Karl Möbius Karl August Möbius, K.Möbius

German zoologist, ecologist

Takehiko Nakao

Japanese civil servant

John G. Bennett John Godolphin Bennett

British mathematician and author

Roberto Azevêdo jhordano mogollon

Brazilian diplomat and Director-General of the WTO

René Descartes Descartes, Rene Descartes, Cartesius, Renatus Cartesius

French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist

Isidore of Seville Saint Isidore of Seville, Isidor of Seville

bishop, confessor and doctor of the Catholic Church

Alexander von Humboldt Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt, Alexander von, Freiherr Humboldt, Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt, Alexander, Freiherr von Humboldt, Alexander Freiherr Von Humboldt, Humb.

Prussian geographer, naturalist and explorer

Nikifor Bazjanov Alexei Michailowitsch Bashanow

Saint George George, Georgios, Georgius

Christian saint and martyr

Claude Elwood Shannon Claude E. Shannon, Claude Elwood Shannon, C. E. Shannon, Shannon

American mathematician and information theorist

Fedor Petrushevsky

Russian physicist

Carl Linnaeus Carl Nilsson Linnæus, Carl von Linné, Carolus Linnaeus, Carolus a Linné, L., Carolus Linnæus, Linnaeus, Linn., Linnæus, Carl Linnæus, Linné, Carl von Linne, Carolus a Linne, Linne

Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist